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Name Ideas

I’m having a really hard time coming up with a name for my portfolio. It’s kinda always been something I get stuck on. I chose sabjee for my blog, it’s a nickname my cousin calls me that I kinda like, but then my boyfriend told me it’s actually an Indian vegetable stew and now I’m not sure how I feel about it. Possible names from my actual name are:

  • Sabi Studios or Sabby Studios-What people actually call me, I’m not sure if it sounds professional enough though
  • Sabattack Studios-I think I used it for a character on WoW, might work for web design but I think it might be a little retarded
  • SabbyG Studios-It’s kinda like a gangster name, or it could be cute like SuzieQ, don’t think I like it too much either way though
  • Sabrina Gelbart Studios-Obvious one, timeless, always will suit me, maybe too long though? Doesn’t really have any character
  • S. Gelbart Studios-A bit shorter?

I decided on studios (maybe it should be studio? Studios sounded right to me for some reason) because it keeps it open for film work, it seems more general and I kinda like it more than designs.

Then there are names which don’t pertain to my real name in general. I wanted something kinda whimsical:

  • Mouse in a House Studios-inspired by the Pink Floyd song, my favorite so far

Actually that’s all I’ve really thought of in that department. I’ll update it with more. Post ideas if you have them!

The Potent Mind

A very smart man who has taught me a lot.
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what’s going on now.

I’ve always been interested in design, as well as math, science, and story telling. No matter what I do, as long as I feel like it’s utilizing my creative potential as well as mentally challenging and bringing something to the world I will be happy. In the last seven years I have explored many different career paths, ultimately being unable to decide upon one. I spent a year and a half in computer science, staring at pages and pages of code all day before realizing there is no way I can spend my working hours only interacting with formulas and stay sane. I switched to the film program at my school, thinking that directing or writing might end up suiting me but practically assuming I’d end up with a job in special effects or animation. After two years of exploring the different areas of film I could go into, I found the design and technical aspects of film the most interesting, primarily animation and production design. During the summer before my junior year as a film major I took a trip to Israel, and by a crazy string of events I’m taking the year off school in the United States and living here. Instead of trying to make money babysitting or working at bars, I’m using it to learn more about design and programming, and ideally to start a web design business.

Right now I’m trying to figure out where to start with this new path. In the past, I’ve spent many hours messing around and doing tutorial with photoshop, fireworks and flash. I know java and HTML. Right now I feel like there’s a billion things I should be learning in order to try and get work in this area. My boyfriend says I don’t have ADHD because I can sit in front of the computer all day, but what he doesn’t understand is that the Internet is basically the ultimate tool for anyone with a short attention span. Right now I’m trying to do a million things at once, it’s amazing I’ve completed this much of a blog entry so far. I’m learning PHP, messing around in dreamweaver and fireworks while also perusing the web for inspiration. What to do next? I need to brush up on other programing languages, I went in to format this blog and realized I don’t even know all the tags in it so maybe that’s next. I’m also trying to figure out some online courses I can take next semester that will help me with what I’m doing as well as maybe help me get some insight into what I should pursue next. So much I could be doing.

Urban Knitting

another day another start

new blog…I’ll write more later

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